"Vagabond Partner Workout of the Day"(9.11.2010)

Vagabond Mascot!!!

I. Saturday, September 11th, 2010 @ 10:30 am, Vagabond Partner Workout of the Day:
Please show up by 10:15 am, so we can put the teams together and get our WOD on. Please come in and support Vagabond CrossFit, to represent our community and have a good time performing a WOD together.

II. “Partner Workout of the Day”:
*Event 1: You will work with your partner and complete the following movements as fast as possible. Both partners can work at the same time, but they must be the same movement.*

“100 Something”
10 x 100 m Plate Carries( 45 lbs/25 lbs), each partner must complete 5 trips
100 Burpees
100 Box Jumps
100 Push Press(95 lbs/65 lbs)

*Event 2: There will be a ten minute lapse in between the two events. However, there is a catch to this rest period. If you finish first, then you will have more a rest time and be rewarded for finishing the fastest. The ten minute rest time will begin when the last team finishes Event 1.

“Running Frenzy”
10 x 200 m Sprints, Each partner will complete 5 trips.

III. Vagabond Events Update Link:
Please Check to right of the webpage for upcoming events at Vagabond CrossFit. These will be updated frequently and just keep each date in mind.