"Vagabond Team Workout"(6.21.2011)

Bragan with a nice pulling action of the hamstring and keeping the foot underneath the hips(POSE RUNNING), and Jenna in the background trying to catch up, Go Get em Girl!

I. Vagabond CrossFit Team Workout:
Another Team Workout is upon us and I am calling all Vagabonds to come into the gym and support eachother during this workout. The Team Workouts in the past have been a big success and many people have asked for more in the future. So, I answered your wish, and here you go! Do not disappoint me, so come on in to one of the scheduled classes and work alongside one of your fellow Vagabonds!
II. The Dangers of Gluten by Dr. Mike Molloy:
Our very own Dr. Mike Molloy is back at it again and giving his knowledge on the importance of food intake and how it can effect our body. Dr. Mike Molloy visited us in late February to give his seminar on nutrition. I have set up another date with Dr. Mike Molloy in the summertime, where he will give another nutrition lecture with more information and new material. If you are interested in attending the Nutrition Lecture, especially the new Vagabonds to the gym, this is a must attend lecture! The date of the lecture will be Saturday, August 6th, 2011.
The Dangers of Gluten: Part 1
Long time since I’ve posted mostly because I’ve been doing a ton of research into the world of mucosal immunology and the way the immune system interacts with the commensal bacteria as well as with the food that we eat.
It will come as no surprise to most crossfitters and paleo enthusiasts that grain based products and specifically GLUTEN is something we generally should be trying to avoid. I could try to scare you by saying that eating grains is going to cause cancer and autoimmune disease in everyone but there really isn’t strong evidence to support this. So then the real question becomes why SHOULD everyone avoid gluten as much as possible and who really needs to avoid it at all costs?
The first reason is that a number of different people make an adaptive immune response to a part of the wheat proteins. These people generally fall into two categories.
1) Wheat allergy:
This is actually very similar to the seasonal allergies that people experience every spring as a result of pollen, ragweed, etc. Your body contains a specific group of immune cells called B cells which produce proteins called antibodies. The antibodies are designed to prevent bacteria, viruses and parasites from killing you. The problem is that sometimes they recognize proteins and carbohydrates from food instead… in this case gluten. In the case of wheat allergy, B cells specifically make a type of antibody called IgE which is very good at activating MAST cells. These mast cells are really what causes the problem through a number of different mechanisms involving the release of pro-inflammatory molecules and the recruitment of additional immune cells.
Its important to note that while I’m talking about wheat here people can make IgE responses against a number of different foods as described in this link:
2) Celiac Disease:
While Celiac disease is recognized by sensitivity and pain as a result of ingestion of gluten, the disease is actually characterized as autoimmune as a result of antibody responses against an enzyme called transglutaminase, which is widely expressed by a number of cell types throughout the body. Original estimates put Celiac disease at about 1:10000, however a recent study examining a random population of people now puts the number at approximately 1:133!!! Why some people experience symptoms but others do not remains a bit of a mystery. For those of you that want to geek out a little bit, a recent study indicates that levels of IL-15 can determine prevalence of disease (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21307853).
The fact that celiac is almost 100 fold more common than originally thought should lend some credence to the idea that people should start to consider a gluten free diet if they have issues with autoimmunity or other inflammatory disorders.
So, in summary of part 1, many people (but not everyone) form an adaptive immune responses against proteins found in grains and this leads to a general inflammation which is hypothesized to cause or exacerbate a number of autoimmune diseases.
In part 2, we’ll look at ways by which gluten can cause inflammation in almost everyone.
III. “Vagabond Team Workout of the Day”:
As a team of 2, you will complete the following movements in as fast as possible:
150 Pull-Ups
150 Kettlebell Swings @ 55/35
150 Box Jumps @ 24/20
3000 m of Rowing
*You can partition the repetitions as needed, but you cannot move to the next movement, until you finish the movements ahead. So, you must finish pull-ups as a team, to move onto kettlebell swings.*
*If there are an uneven number of people, we will put together a team of 3, where the repetitions for all movements will be 225 repetitions, and 4000 m of rowing.*
*Different Levels will be provided for everyone. We will match people up with someone else who has the same capabilities as everyone else. So, if you need to use a band to do pull-ups, we will match you with someone who has to use a band to complete the prescribed amount of pull-ups.*
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