"Wednesday 10.12.2016"

Gym Brief for the Week
1. Vagabond Next Beginners Class on October 24th:
We offer our Beginners Program, which is mandatory before entering the group class and will be directed through a well organized and efficient program. The duration of the Beginners Class Program is 6 small group sessions, which will last two weeks long. We will teach you the fundamentals of our Strength and Conditioning Program to help make your transition into the classes a little easier for you within a small group setting.
2. First Annual Memorial Day Workout for Close Friend + CrossFitter, Patrick Padgett on Saturday, October 15th @ 9:00 am:
Vagabond will celebrate the life of close friend and CrossFitter, Patrick Padgett, as we celebrate a wonderful life and friendship that owner, Kevin O’Malley, had with his close friend. We will participate in the PR for Pat Workout, and will have scaled options for everyone taking part in the workout. We encourage all Vagabond Members to take part in this event, and if you wish, can donate $20 to a charity or foundation chosen by Patrick’s Family.
“So do me the honor of living your life like you really mean it. Go out and conquer your goals, do things that you’re a little scared of, make awesome memories that give you cool stories to tell, and love, love as much as possible, freely and genuinely. Love people, love activities, love scenes and ideas, and material things, and songs, and just love as much as you can. Enjoy your life you only get one, and value your time, you never know how much of it you really have.”
3. Vagabond Third Annual Trunk or Treat on Saturday, October 29th @ 12:00 pm
Come bring your children and family to the Annual Vagabond Halloween Trunk or Treat, as each Vagabond Child can dress up in their best Halloween Gear, and collect goodies from each Vagabond Parent.


I. Dynamic and Mobility Prep Warm-Up:
3 minutes of z1 work
3-5 Minutes of the following:
Coach Option
3-5 Minutes of the following:
Run 100 Meters or Airdyne 25 Seconds
10 Kettlebell Swings
5 Goblet Squats
II. Phases Strength and Conditioning:
A. Lifestyle Phase
Walking Core or Single Leg/Core + Conditioning
A1. Double Arm Walking Lunges, 10 reps/each leg x 3 sets, rest 1 minute.
A2. Plank Hold Weighted Cluster, 25 seconds, rest 10 seconds, 25 seconds x 3 sets, rest 1 minute.
A3. Banded Leg Curls, 20 reps x 3 sets, rest 1 minute.
B. On the Minute, Every Minute x 16 Minutes of the following:
Minute 1: 45 Seconds of Sit-Ups
Minute 2: 45 Seconds of Row Max Cals
Minute 3: 45 Seconds of DB Weighted Box Step-Ups
Minute 4: 45 Seconds of 20 Meter Shuttle Run
B. Fitness Phase
Lower Body Variations + PC/Core + Conditioning
A1. Back Box Squat, 8 reps x 3 sets @ 45% speed work, rest 45 seconds between sets.
A2. Half Kneeling Pallof Press, 10 reps/each way x 3 sets, rest 45 seconds between sets.
A3. Banded Leg Curls, 20 reps x 3 sets, rest 45 seconds between sets.
C. On the Minute, Every Minute x 16 Minutes of the following:
Minute 1: 45 Second of 20 Meter Shuttle Run
Minute 2: 45 Second of Box Jumps
Minute 3: 45 Second of Max Assault Cals @ Aerobic Ability
Minute 4: 45 Second of Sit-Ups
C. Competition Phase
Upper Body Press + Oly Lift + Upper Body Press/Upper Body Pull + CP Work Battery + AL End Work
1) Board Press against bands, work up to a 1RM, use red for women + green for men.
2) Strict Press, 3 reps x 5 sets, banded, orange for women, red for men, rest as needed between sets.
3) Hang Power Snatch, 3 reps x 5 sets @ 65%, rest 1:30 between sets.
4) Snatch Balance, 3 reps x 3 sets, keep light, technique work, rest as needed between sets.
5) ALactate Assault Work:
12 Sets of the following:
5 Cal Assault Bike Sprint, rest 1 minute to 1 minute and 15 seconds between sets, full effort!
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