"Wednesday Workout of the Day"

*Had 25 minutes to get my workouts in today, and the rest of the day was busy with business stuff and getting some stuff squared away. I decided to hit a conditioning workout that would surround my weaknesses, and then hit a strength workout, when I was tired and worn down from the conditioning workout. I have become a big component of doing some strength work, while I am tired, because during competition, this will happen, as they will ask you to perform a conditioning workout, then thereafter perform a strength workout. I feel you have to practice how you play, and the only way my body can get ready for something like this, would be to actually perform it like it would be in competition. Some trainers and coaches, would say I am crazy, but this is from my own perspective, and why not test the waters and see how things go!*

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011 Workout of the Day:
A. 3 Rounds of the following movements:
5 Elevated Handstand Push Ups x 45 lbs plates
10 Toes to Bar
15 Box Jumps
20 Pistols
25 Double Unders
Time: 8:29
*Rest 5:00 Minutes*
B. Push Press, 7 Minute Time Limit to Work up to a Heavy 3 Rep
Worked up to 195 lbs x 3 reps
Ran out of time, but felt good on this!