Wednesday Workout of the Day

I hit some lactate endurance and lactate power today for my workouts. Overall not to bad of workouts, and later on in the day, I will hit some skill work with handstand push ups, and some other things… I am feeling pretty good, and have no real soreness, injuries to speak of, so overall I am happy with that. The training is going very well, and overall just feeling very good. I have gone back to a traditional way of Kevin O’Malley eating, and throughout the week, I will be doing intermittent fasting, and having some big meals at night time. However, on the weekend, I will be eating throughout the day, and will be having more calorie based foods, that are in the area of rice and oatmeal, which will help with my overload workouts during the weekend.

The regional workouts should be coming out today or sometime this week, so I will be interested to see what is posted, and to see what workouts are going to crush me. I am happy with how everything is going, and looking forward to the next year of training.

First Set of Thrusters x 15 reps @ 115 lbs/15 Burpees @ 100%

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012 Workouts:
A. 2 Sets of: Sprint 200 meters @ 1005, rest 3 minutes, 27.81/28.81
Rest 10:00 Minutes
B. 2 Sets of: 15 Thrusters @ 115 lbs/ 15 Burpees @ 97%, rest 4 mins, 1:03/1:04
Rest 10:00 Minutes
C. 2 Sets of: Row 500 meters, rest 6 minutes, 1:33.5/136.5
*The rows crushed me, and just fell off, but kept at a pace that I wanted of under 1:40 @ 95%