Wednesday Workout of the Day

Oh Boy.. The back is feeling a little sloppy today and overall just was an off day of training going into everything. My back is feeling little under the weather, and hopefully will be taking care of somethings tomm night, as I will be getting some more work PT work on it by Dr. Rich. Just seems to be a nagging injury that hangs around, and never wants to go away. However, during my butterfly pull ups, it really threw me off, and made things hard, so came off the pull up bar way to much, and was disappointed in the performance, but it did not get me down at all, just worked through it, and said whatever, this is all for fun at the end of the day! Overall a good day mentally, and sometimes just brushing things off is good for me, because I have so much stress as a business owner, and sometimes have to let things slide off my back. This day I am letting go by the wayside, and will hit tomms workout with a good mental prepped mind.

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012 Workout:
A. Run 250 meters @ 100%, rest 3 min between sets, 31:47/32.50
B. 2 Sets of the following: 15 Deadlifts @ 205 lbs/Row 200 Meters, 1:07/1:06
C. 2 Sets of the following @ 95%: 21 Thrusters @ 95 lbs/21 Chest to Bar Pull Ups/9 Burpees, 1:49/2:37