Wednesday Workout of the Day

Today was a long one, but also a very good one at the same time. It actually was a little harder than I thought, no so physically, but more mentally if anything, since it is longer, and the rest times can be a little much. But overall a good day of training, and Thursday will be a nice day of rest, sinc emy shoulders are quite sore, and have been hitting alot of mobility over the last two days to try to loosen some things up. The Opens Workout comes out tonight, but I am kind of over the Opens Workout as of right now, and just looking forward to the next year of training, and see how I can progress with working with an actual coach and programmer for myself.
Wednesday, March 14th, 2012 Workout:
10 sets @ high aerobic Effort:
35 seconds of wall balls
rest 25 seconds
35 seconds of rowing for meters
rest 25 seconds
35 seconds of double unders
rest 25 seconds
35 seconds of kettlebell swings @ 53 lbs