"Wednesday Workout of the Day and Nutrition Thoughts"

Today was very basic and basically just getting back on the wheel for working out, as I took Monday and Tuesday off because of competing on Sunday, but I was not sore, and was itching to get back in. I put up a pretty long post a couple days ago about my experience in California and how it makes me open my mind up to other options as a gym owner and also program designer.

For the last 3 months I thought I was eating up to par, but as I wrote down each individual thing I would be eating, I started to say to myself, “Shit, What Have I been Doing?”

I noticed a pattern of eating dark chocolate almonds or sunflower seeds or PALEO FRIENDLY items, but in the long term these are just not healthy for you, and just wrong decisions if you have goals in your nutrition world. I came to a point on Sunday where I just did not feel comfortable with my weight, and looking at my overall eating habits over the last 90 days. One thing you got to keep in mind is if you get complacent or satisfied with how you are improving, looking, or feeling then you will stay stagnant, and this can go the same way for your personal life with your job, work, or family life. I know as a business owner, I am always looking to improve on my ability to be a better coach, trainer, programmer, business owner, and overall person, so why not do it for my nutrition as well!

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012:
A. Work to moderate, easy single of Overhead Squat.
Worked to 225 lbs..
B. Work to moderate, easy single of Hang Power Snatch(above knee).
worked to 165 lbs
C. Burpees x 10 reps x 7 minutes, rest 1 min
between 20-21 seconds
D. Double Unders x 30 seconds x 30 seconds rest x 10 sets
E. Airdyne x 20 minutes @ Zone 1 Work