Wednesday Workout of the Day

Today was a pretty good day at Vagabond. My goal during front squat was to hit 300 lbs, since I have been feeling pretty weak at this movement as of late. I just wanted to hit this number, since I have hit in the past, and I believe my old personal record was 305 lbs I believe, but we will say it is 300 lbs. I went into the gym with a good head, and just focused. I also followed OPT’s model of how to warm up for a max lift, by going with 50% @ 5 reps, 75% @ 3 reps, then 85% @ 1 rep, and then straight to my lift that I wanted to get, and then went for a personal record. To say the least  I am happy with my result, and I believe I could have gotten 5 to 10 lbs more, but I stayed where I was, and wanted to be happy with what I got.

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012 Workout:
A. Build to a 1 rep max in the Front Squat..
Worked to 310 lbs, and this is a personal record.. Oh Baby!
B1. Front Squat @ 85% @ 260 lbs x 2 reps x 10 sets, rest 1 minute
B2. Weighted Pronated Pull Ups @ 44 lbs x 1.1 x 10 sets, rest 1 minute.
C. Front Rack Barbell Walking Lunges @ 185 lbs x AMRAP 5 Minutes:
Total Lunges: 49, these got hard and choking on my breath but felt good.
D. Chest to Bar Pull Ups Cluster, x 4 sets, rest 2 minutes.