Week 1 of School Session CrossFit Kids Class


Youth development 2015-2016 school year

Week 1

Day 1:
Warm up: 3x- 100 M run or 30 sec AD> 5 Broad Jumps> 5 Wall Angels> Single leg hops> 5 sit ups
Skill: Shoulder Press- Strict and Push Press

WOD: 4 rounds for time:
20 M walking lunges
8 goblet squats
8 Toes 2 Bar or Knees to chest
2 Forward rolls

Cash Out: Max plank holds
Mobility: Shoulders

Day 2:
Warm Up: 3x- 20 M bear crawl > 5 wall facing squats> Ladder foot work> 5 push ups
Skill: Kettle Bell Swings

WOD: AMRAP 8 min of:
10 Box jumps
10 KBS
:20 sec all out AD

Skill: Handstands
Mobility: Hamstrings and ankles