Week 1 of Youth Spring Development Program

Kids game-1

Mobility Hamstring stretch with bands

Write your goals on the board!
S- specific
A-Attainable- make a plan to get it
R-Realistic- r you willing and able
T-Timely- can achieve in a reasonable amount of time

A1-Wall ball toss -sit ups- 10 reps x 3 set
A2- 20 ft partner wheel barrel walk/switch
Skill review:
Wall Balls
Push press
WOD:AMRAP in 10 Minutes
· 10 wall Balls

· 5 Box Jumps up and over

· 10 push press

· 5 box jumps up and over

· 10 plank hands to elbows (5 ea side)- scaled as shoulder taps

Game: Pop It !