Week 10 of Vagabond CrossFit Kids


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Dec 8th-2015
Warm Up- Medicine Ball Races- Single line formation- Over head-Under legs-Twist right/left- Push Through

Stretch Mobility- Shoulders and Tspine

Skill: Candlestick stand up- 2 feet then single leg work

Skill Review: Push Press; 3 reps x 5 sets on rack with bars

5 rounds of:
100 M DB Farmers Carry
8 Air Squats
8 Push Press
9 Candlestick stand ups

Mobility and Foam rolling

Dec 11-2015
Warm Up: Obstacle: 10 flutter kicks- Broad jumps- lunge walks with twist- hurdles 3 minutes

Stretch- circle

Skill rings:
• plank holds
• sitting to transition and push up to holds
12 minutes on the clock;

One minute of Jumping Pull Ups
One minute of Rowing
2 min of Air Squats
2 min of rowing
3 minutes of Mountain climbers
3 minutes rowing.

Foam roll