Week 20 of Training

Group Class


Warm up with tunnel move: length of floor and back race



A1:Russian twists 10 each side x 3

A2:Windmills 5 each arm x 3


Skill review: Jumping pull ups


Skill test: Max Box jump


Workout: Teams of two:


75 Pull Ups

75 Push Ups

75 Sit ups

75 Air Squats


** working together decide how you want to break up the reps between the two partners. Only one person can work at a time and you cannot move on to the next sill until all the reps are finished in the current one.




Warm Up: 3 minutes Obstacle with mountain climbers- side shuffle- Broad jumps-Lunge twist




Skill: Front Squats- 5 reps x 5 sets


A1:Seated press 8 reps x 3

A2:Slider plank walk 10 ft front 10 feet backwards x 3



3 sets of:

45 sec work 15 sec rest


Push press



Rest 2 min then,


3 sets of

45 sec work/15 sec rest of:



Box jumps