Week 3: Day 3: Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

This week has just bee off with being able to train. I hate not following Coach Mike’s Programming to perfection, but somethings have been getting in the way. On Monday, I literally had 45 minutes to workout, which did not workout, so on Tuesday, I had to double up with my workout from Monday and then hit Tuesdays Workout. I felt fine during the workouts, and was happy I at least got all the workouts in, and at least got all the work done.

Today is kind of a day where my excuse for not working out is a good one and involves family. My girlfriend is having somewhat of a major surgery, and having a tumor removed from her right arm pit, and now they have to do a biopsy on it, to make sure it is not cancer. She had to be knocked out, and the surgery lasted almost three hours. I did not even go to the hospital with her, because I had to train in the morning, and already felt guilty about that. She is getting back from the hospital soon, and at the end of the day, she needs someone there to help her out, and also needs to get food, since she has not eaten in 24 hours. My friend put into perspective, by saying Family comes first, and she will be my wife someday. Working out will always be there, and I have to keep that in mind.

I will hit another double on Thursday, and will be back on track on Friday and Saturday for my workouts.

If this is my biggest concern about working out, then things are not to bad. I still have over 8 months before the CrossFit Opens, and my schedule will hopefully get better over time. I feel almost guilty not following the program to perfection, but like I said somethings just are more important and I have to start realizing that in time.

Family, My Business, and My People in the Gym are my number one focus, and training for myself has to be second, but it will still be a prioriority in the long run.