Week 8 of Vagabond CrossFit Kids Class

Box Jump Circuit

Day 15:
Warm Up: Junk Yard Tabata

Stretch dynamic lines

Skill: Turkish get up with shoe

• Review KB swings
• Toes to bar

WOD:10 sets of:
• 7 KB swings
• 7 Knee to elbows or toes to bar
• sprint down and back

Box drop off broad jumps

Day 16:

Warm Up; 3-5 min of: Ladder-5 wall angels-single leg hops-5 inch worms-10 jumping jacks

Stretch: shoulders and hamstring focus

Skill: Overhead walking lunges- DB OR PLATES

WOD: 12-9-6-9-12 of
• burpee
• box jumps
• Over head carry lunge 20 meters after each round

Skill: chin over bar holds goal 30 sec accumulated