Week 9 of Vagabond CrossFit Kids


Day 17: Tuesday

Warm Up; 3-5 min of: Ladder-5 wall angels-single leg hops-5 inch worms-10 jumping jacks

Stretch: shoulders and hamstring focus

Skill: Overhead walking lunges- DB OR PLATES

WOD: 12-9-6-9-12 of
• burpee
• box jumps
• Over head carry lunge 20 meters after each round

Skill: chin over bar holds goal 30 sec accumulated

Day 18: Friday Training
Warm Up: Broad jump- side shuffle-inch worm- 15 sec hanging holds x 4 sets

Drill: Medicine ball all around – high toss to partner- chest pass-right side toss- left side toss x 6 sets

Focus: Squats On various items- Bosu- on a box- red mats- single legged… etc

WOD: EMOTM 12 min of:
Min 1: 10 DB squats
Min 2: 7-10 push ups
Min 3: 7-10 Burpees