"Weightlifting/Strength Endurance"(1.30.2012)

Coach Heather getting after it...

*Vagabond WinterFest Competition Volunteers Needed!*

*The Vagabond Meeting on Sunday went very well and was happy to see so many new faces hang around and here about the future for Vagabond. It was a great discussion, and alot of good information was transfered to Vagabond Clients. One of the issues brought up was the Vagabond WinterFest Competition we will be holding on Saturday, February 18th, 2012 at Vagabond CrossFit. Some people wanted to volunteer to help, and I am always looking for some helping hands. We will need help with judging, getting things organized, and making sure everything goes smoothly. I will be posting a sign up board to anyone who wants to help at the event, and any help would be greatly appreciated. I will leave a sign up board in front of the doorway entrance. Please leave your name and email, so I can contact you with information about the event, and what you will be assigned to for helping out. Please lend a helping hand to Vagabond on that day, as we will need it!*

*Vagabond Airdyne Special.. What is the Airdyne?*

I. Dynamic and Mobility Specific Prep Warm-Up:
5-7 minutes of upper back mobility and foam rolling
5 minutes of dynamic work
90 Degree Quad Stretch
II. Lifestyle Phases Strength and Conditioning:
A. Fitness Phase:
*Level 1*
A. Back Squat, 5 reps x 3 sets, rest 3:00 minutes between sets
B. 50 Front Squats for Time @ 85/55
*Everytime barbell dropped, must complete 20 anchored sit-ups*
*Level 2*
A. Back Squat Cluster, 2.2.2, rest 30 seconds, rest 2:00 minutes between clusters
B. 50 Front Squats for Time @ 115/85
*Everytime barbell droped, must complete 10 GHD Sit-Ups*
B. Competition Phase:
A. Every Minute on the Minute, Squat Cleans, Touch n Go x 3 reps x 8 minutes
B. Front Squats, 5 sets of 3 @ 75%, 22×2
C. 1-5 Unbroken Chest to Bar Pull-Ups x 5 sets, rest as needed
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