"What is On Your Mind?"

“What About Vegetarians”
Here is a quick little rant about the lifestyle that Vegetarians choose to “try” to live a clean and healthy lifestyle. I will give one credit to Vegetarians in their journey to clean living and healthy eating. They have determination and perserverance in a society that pushes processed food and treats onto the average day human being. They substain from eating a source of food that is abundant in the world and really dial in on their beliefs and opinions. However, this is where I will cut the simple sentiments to this style of living. Most Vegetarians will claim they can combine certain foods such as beans, rice, corn, squash, and construct a complete style of healthy “proteins”. However, there is one catch, plant-derived protein sources lack the essential profile of amino acids that are found in meat products. Humans have eight essential amino acids, in which, we must get from outside sources, via, meat products. Plant derived products are scientifically proven not to give us all 8 of these amino acids that are found in meat derived products. Plant derived proteins when combined to provide all these 8 essential amino acids, are far to heavy in carbs, in which, negatively affects our gut, and also steals vitamins and minerals from our body via anti-nutrients. As Robb Wolf says, ” These are what we call “Third World Proteins”, in which they will keep you alive, but will not allow you to thrive.

Here are your four major criteria for protein intake:
1. It needs a face
2. It needs a soul
3. You need to kill it, and bring its essence into your being
4. Really do you want to eat plants your whole life?

However, if you are going to be stubborn and not listen to this information, there could be a loophole to avoiding meat and possibly getting some good dense protein sources from living a plant eaters lifestyle. What are they you ask?

1. Eat Dense Protein Sources
2. Tofu, Tempeh, Brown Rice Protein, Pea Protein
3. Add lots of Good fats
4. Add lots of Vegies and Fruits
5. Do not do the fake Vegie Living, and eat Pasta and Oreo Cookies