"WinterFest Competition is All Set to Go"(2.18.2012)

The Stage is Set and Ready to Go! See you all on Saturday AM!

*WinterFest Competition Heats, Schedule, and Workouts*

A. Registration for the Event will be from 9:00 am to 9:30 am. Please show up between these times, to ensure we have you tagged in for the competition, and that we have your attendance. You must come in between these times.

B. Workouts and Athletes Meeting will take place @ 9:40 am. This will be a 15 minute meeting, explaining the workouts, the heats, and schedule for the day of events. Please be ready to go!

C. The first heat will start @ 10:00 am. Be Ready to Go and Enjoy

D. This is stress-free, care-free environment that is meant to give everyone a chance to compete. Do not take yourself so serious. We want everyone to have fun. So please respect the judges, volunteers, and your fellow CrossFitters.

E. We want this event to run as smooth as possible, and with your cooperation, listening skills, and being able to stick to the times equipped for you, we will be able to move smoothly throughout the day.

F. Most of all have fun, give it your all, and try your best!

G. The voltunteers are all set and ready to go. However, judges are going to work as a team. So all athletes are going to judge for this event. We did not plan such a big turnout, so we are making things easy, and not going to complicate it by having set judges. All athletes will be judging. So when Heat 1 goes, Heat 2 will judge Heat 1, Heat 3 will judge heat 2, and so on. We will have judges on call as well, but this is how it will be.

Workout 1:
AMRAP 8 Minutes of:
12 Deadlifts @ 115/75, 85/55
9 Hang Power Cleans
6 Push Press
Workout 2:
AMRAP 7 Minutes of:
7 Thrusters @ 95/65, 65/45
7 Burpees
Workout 3:
4 Sets of the following:
1 Minute Double Unders/Single Unders
1 Minute Kettlebell Swings @ 53/35, 35/25
Heat 1 – 10am – RX Men
Heat 2 – 10:10am – RX Men
Heat 3 – 10:20am – RX Men
Heat 4 – 10:35am – RX Men + Women
Heat 5 – 10:50am – Womens RX
Heat 6 – 11:05am – Mens scaled and Rx
Heat 7 – 11:20am – Womens Scaled
Heat 1 – 11:40 – RX Men
Heat 2 – 11:50 – RX Men
Heat 3 – 12pm – RX Men
Heat 4 – 12:15pm – RX Men + Women
Heat 5 – 12:30pm – Womens RX
Heat 6 – 12:40pm – Mens scaled
Heat 7 – 12:55pm – Womens Scaled
Heat 1 –1:20pm – RX Men
Heat 2 – 1:35pm– RX Men
Heat 3 – 1:50pm – RX Men
Heat 4 – 2:10pm– RX Men + Women
Heat 5 – 2:30pm– Womens RX
Heat 6 – 2:50pm– Mens scaled
Heat 7 – 3:05pm- Womens scaled
Heat 1 – Men RX
1-James Grealish
2-Matt Simonson
3-Joshua Forgue
4-Andrew Constantino
5-Matt Donahue
6-David Leite
7-Craig Smith
8-Michael Dillon
9-Gerry Vye
10-Craig Pasquantonio
11-Robert Aronofsky
12-John Thomas
Heat 2 – Men RX
1-Neal Noonan
2-John Ford
3-Jason Gold
4-Justin Risk
5-Frank Louro
6-Joseph Kelleher
7-Michael Gray
8-Daniels White
9-My Boho Baby
10-Eric Szymczyk
11-Stephen Darby
12-Mitchel Doren
Heat 3 – Men RX
1-Paul Teehan
2-Ryan Butler
3-James Currin
4-John Durocher
5-Ethan Bates
6-Angel Otero
7-Chris Riccardi
8-Sean Kelly
9-Brian Sheehy
10-Chris Dockray
11-Ben Marsland
12-Kenny Pellegrini
Heat 4 – Men + Women RX
1-Dan Mcgliney
2-Chris Cahoon
3-Chris Gerardi
4-Chris Dupay
5-Judah Boulet
6-Renee Gagne(Male)
7-Marcia Cullinane
8-Noelle Surette
9-Nicole Clark
10-Janet Harris
11-Jessica Mason
12-Rita Patnode
Heat 5 – Women RX, Men RX, Men Scaled
1-Amanda Demeo
2-Amy Silva
3-Marissa Nucci
4-Tiffany Radaz
5-Megan Long
6-Chrstine Flahive
7-Jason Lounge
8-Lauren Killea
9-Amanda Carcione
10- Dawn Ditano
11- John Lozaro
12- Bruce Caldwell
Heat 6 – Men Scaled and RX
1-John Montgomery
2-Michael Stickney
3-Christopher Bradley
4-Robert Ragusa
5-Peter Peloquin
6-Robert Tessier
7-Edward Mclean
8-Sean Curry
9-Joseph Dooher
10- Dave Clark
11- James Rockford
12- Brayn Boza
Heat 7 – Women Scaled and RX
1-Jen Sullivan
2-Susan Antonucci
3-Aimee Leveseque
4-Melissa O’Brien
5-Chrystin Paradis
6-Jenna Ford
7-Lacy Chapman
8-Katie Gillooly
9-Kathryn Lewis
10-Andrea Michel
11- Nicole Wheeler
12- Renee Gagne