"Write-Up on Aerobic Training + Coaches Viewpoint of the Benefit in Training"

Hannah Montana

Aerobic Power Training from Coaches ViewPoint

Maxmimal Aerobic Power has long been considered a major factor in the sport of endurance. However, as we delve into the Sport of CrossFit, many more theories are being approached by trainers and coaches throughout the world. The main question is how do we approach training an athlete for the Aerobic Power System?

The above question can have two different answers involved in the Aerobic Training system, especially when we add in the word Power. When we think of Power we think of speed/high effort, grinding force, and explosion. When we think of Aerobic we think of sustainable, pacing, breathing, and long durations. Now we add the two words together, and we get a simultaneously new training simulation. The Aerobic Power System is very important to the Sport of Fitness aka CrossFit because it combines two components of the sport for a beautifully designed workout session. It allows the athlete to be more explosive and powerful over long durations, and be able to repeat that work over and over again in a training session. Under our contention, and a few others, we believe with a properly trained and well designed program, you can benefit greatly in training the Aerobic Power System for the Sport of Fitness. The question that comes up however is how do you train certain athletes for this Training System.

In the world of crossfit, sport specific training, and endurance we will usually see two different types of athletes as a whole. We will see a de-conditioned athlete and a conditioned athlete. Then you might ask, how do we train both athletes in the Aerobic Power System?

You must first understand the cardiac output of each athlete. Maximal Aerobic Power is usually strongly related to the Cardiac Output of each athlete. A de-conditioned athlete will usually see linear or progressive gains in their heart rate and volume of blood being pumped to the heart. The conditioned or elite level athlete will see increased or high strikes in both heart rate and the level of blood being pumped to the heart over a training session.

There are varying ways to increase your aerobic system thru energy system training. Some of the top minds in the Sport of CrossFit and Energy System World have different viewpoints, protocol and even tables of reference with varying aerobic charts to guide the coach or athlete with their training basis. OPEX, Training Think Tank, Magischo, Jack Daniels, and Heart Rate Zones are all well-educated organizations or educators that I have learned from to truly understand how to properly program a client, athlete, or even group(best that we can) for the Aerobic Training System.

We can tackle the Aerobic System thru two ways of training either thru Cyclical Training or Mix Modal Training. The first is the basis of running, rowing, or swimming for pure aerobic work in the domain of 10-90 or minutes of given work for a long duration of time. Now, we have come to realize we can also train the Aerobic System with Mix Modal training, meaning, with multiple disciplines. You can utilize running, weightlifting, and simple gymnastics put into well designed pieces at the right moment and time domains, and through current research we can see an increase in your Aerobic Capacity.